Technical Benefits:

  • Good grain quality
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Low tool & operating costs
  • Undercut formation & deep drawing in parts are possible

Technical Benefits:

  • Very high softness levels in selective areas
  • ILD ranging from 150 to 200 N is possible
  • Good grain quality
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Low tool & operating costs

Technical Benefits:
Single stage process of molding substrate & inserting cover stock, conventional injection molding machines can be used, stronger melt bond, thickness stability & good surface finish

Technical Benefits:
Single mold with 2 materials molded with injection molding. It achieves excellent shut-off results from diffuser flap like parts & better grip on thumbwheel.
2K Molding Machines – 100T, 140T(2 nos), 220T (2 nos)

Sr.No. Machine Tonnage Make Mechanism
1 100T – 1No. Mazai Rotary Mold
1 140T – 2No. Billion Rotary Mold
1 220T – 1No. BMK Rotary Mold
1 220T – 1No. Billion Rotary Mold

Technical Benefits:

  • High Grain retention
  • Thickness stability
  • Seams & logo embossing feasible
  • Smaller radii, sharper features/ seams and multiple grains on the same part

Technical Benefits:
Decorative functional rubber molded chrome part. Part subjected to other process like chrome plating can be over molded with rubber in mold with excellent finish for parts like Air-vent.


  • Decorative finish
  • Environment friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Seams and textures possible

Common applications

  • Hot foil stamping
  • Front grille
  • Decorative bezels
  • Decoject
  • Dashboard parts
  • Door child parts


  • Reduced Cycle Time
  • Cost reduction
  • Paint elimination
  • Single Process

Common applications

  • Deco finishes
  • Exterior trims
  • Grills

Technical Benefits:
Elegant interior decorative components with textiles/ vinyls to match the Seating, single tool, low investment costs (Preferred for low volume businesses/high end luxury vehicles), local Soft Touch on armrests possible, Vinyl & Textile can be formed on the same part in one shot protecting the product for future trends, , Weight reduction in ornament parts.


  • Reduced Part Weight
  • System cost reduction

Common applications

  • Interior trims such as pillar, door
  • Bumper fascia
  • Key Drivers – Light Weighting

Air vent capabilities in India at IPD

  • Complete end to end solution for product development
  • Patented Design for MG Rover Air vent
  • Frugal engineering of air vent design for Nano
  • Most cost effective solution with compact rotary design
  • Aluminum chrome ring for aesthetic feel

Airflow & Air Directivity Simulation

Light weighting – Under hood components


  • 35%-45% weight Reduction
  • Fuel Consumption Saving

Design Flexibility

Good balance of mechanical properties like stiffness, toughness, creep resistance, impact resistance, load bearing capacity & dimensional stability, and Improved sound & vibration dampening


  • Under hood of Commercial / passenger Vehicles
  • Other applications that can be included are air intake elbow, air intake manifold and so on.


  • Additional comfort features
  • Easy to operate

Common applications

  • Armrest
  • IP mount cup holder
  • Tambour door
  • Console mounted cup holder