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  • The company’s integrated manufacturing facility is capable of providing heat exchangers with high heat dissipation, covering most automotive and heavy vehicle applications.
  • The facility is capable of manufacturing parts of heat exchangers at a high level of quality and consistency, ensured through a complete range of testing and validation equipments that carry out performance, reliability and durability tests, and conformance to global customer standards.
  • The plant manages just-in-time supplies and has the capability for direct-supply-to-line operations.
  • Established assembly lines at Hosur, Lucknow and Jamshedpur to service system supplies for Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland and a J-I-S plant to supply the front end module to Tata Motors.
  • The company has manufacturing capacity of over 3.67 million units per annum. With newly developed stacked plate oil coolers and two wheeler radiators, the number will increase further.

Our In-House Test Facilities Include

  • Fan-Motor Testing
  • Wind Tunnel for Radiator & Heater core
  • Vibration Testing
  • Thermal Cycle
  • Hydraulic Burst Pressure Rig
  • Pressure Cycle for Intercooler, Radiator, Heater core and condenser
  • Internal Corrosion
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Salt Spray
  • Millipore test rig
  • Moisture content test rig
  • Pressure Cap Endurance Test Rig
  • Air /LLC Aging
  • Higher Capacity Vibration Shaker
  • Fine Cutter
  • EGR Cooler Performance Test Rig
  • Fan Characteristics Test rig

The Facility Includes Below Equipments

  • Tube mill
  • Press
  • Fin forming
  • Core assembly
  • Brazing oven
  • Tank clinching
  • Leakage testing (helium, air, water)
  • Intercooler welding lines
  • Assembly lines