• Technology from T.RAD Japan
  • Cooling solution for all segments
  • All kind of heat exchangers such as radiators, intercoolers, condensers, oil coolers, heater cores and EGR coolers
  • High performance compact radiator with less thick core to have optimum ratio of heat rejection to weight
  • Efficient, low noise & compact fan motor
  • High performance inner fin type intercooler with plastic tanks
  • TTR has capability to supply CRFMI (assembly of condenser radiator fan motor intercooler), FEM (Front end module) for passenger vehicles, higher end assembly for commercial vehicles
  • Latest technology EGR cooler for meeting EVI norms
  • Next generation cooling solution for electric vehicles/ hybrid vehicles


One of TATA Toyo’s strongest assets is their team of best in class and experienced engineers in mechanical, manufacturing, and electronic. They are dedicated to providing remarkable engineering services in design, prototyping, tool making, product validation and manufacturing set up. Such multi-disciplinary experience handles a wide range of products which provides a competitive edge in engineering development over other manufacturers.  Engineering team in TATA Toyo can cater the customers requirement for India as well as out side India market requirement as they have also worked  on the many other global projects.


The company has manufacturing capacity of over 3.67 million units per annum. With newly developed stacked plate oil coolers and two wheeler radiators, the number will increase further.

The facility is capable of manufacturing parts of heat exchangers at a high level of quality and consistency, ensured through a complete range of testing and validation equipments that carry out performance, reliability and durability tests, and conformance to global customer standards.