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Parabolic Springs

Features & Benefits


  • High performance bushings designed for high conical and radial stiffness, to improve vehicle dynamics
  • World class zinc-phosphate pretreat with zinc rich primer
  • Tapered rear limb designed to withstand demanding brake load inputs
  • Shaped front limb to achieve ideal roll steer kinematics
  • Patent pending multi-tempering process to reduce risk of stress corrosion cracking
  • Proprietary steel grades for hardenability, refined grain and high strength
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  • Reduced spring interleaf friction increasing durability
  • Reduced dynamic hysteresis effects increasing reliability
  • Advanced materials developed by Hendrickson maintain spring rate without degrading vehicle performance improving reliability
  • Decreased overall assembly weight and contribute to light weighting


  • Steel grades are selected based on application and stress levels
  • Proprietary rapid heat furnaces designed to minimize decarb and maintain fine grain
  • Optimized peening process to further improve fatigue life
  • Patented multi-tempering process allows springs to run at maximum hardness, without the risk of hydrogen assisted cracking (HAC)
  • World class zinc rich primer with a zinc phosphate pretreatment

With experience, expertise and vision, Hendrickson continues to redefine leaf spring and suspension engineering for commercial vehicle applications around the world. Hendrickson innovations in exclusive manufacturing and materials technology have revolutionized leaf spring performance. This proprietary technology has allowed Hendrickson engineers to produce more efficient springs that reduce weight and improve ride performance and durability.