Design and Development

CAD Capability

  • Catia V5 R19~R26 (5 stations)
  • Ready to add NX facility.
  • In-house facility to check Field of Vision in soft to ensure regulation compliance.
  • Local Design & Development Team
  • In house lab facility for testing & validation of all major products in portfolio.
  • Alliance with other major independent testing labs & regulatory bodies.
  • Design review & technical support from Ficosa Tech Center in Europe & China.
  • 3D printing facility.
  • Program management team setup @Tata Ficosa to lead all new product launches and change management within the organization.

In-house Engineering Test Labs

Endurance Testing

  • Durability Test Rig for ORVM
  • Durability Test Rig for CV ORVM
  • Durability Test Rig for Cables
  • Durability Test Rig for Gear shifters
  • Durability Test Rig for PBL

Performance Testing

  • Free Play Testing
  • Flexibility Testing
  • Load & Stroke Efficiency

Mechanical Testing

  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Ball Drop Test
  • Ball Impact Test Rig

Climatic Testing

  • Hot Air oven (+5 to 150 deg C)
  • Climatic Chamber 1 cub m
  • Deep Freezer ( up to -25 deg C)
  • Climate Chamber 0.6 cub m
  • Salt Spray Chamber

Glass Testing

  • Image Distortion
  • Reflectivity
  • Image Displacement
  • Hot Water Bath

Electrical Testing

  • High Voltage Flash Tester
  • Megger
  • Power supply with ON/OFF cycling
  • Programmable Power supply