World-class facility to feature the most popular airbag deployment solution ‘SureFire System’
Partners with Microsys Technologies, Canada, for key equipment
Tata AutoComp Systems, one of India’s fastest growing auto components company, today announced its latest initiative — a state-of-the-art passenger airbag testing facility catering to the booming Indian automotive Industry. Tata Autocomp has partnered with Microsys Technologies Inc, Canada, which is providing key equipment for the new airbag testing facility. This can be used for both passenger side airbag and curtain side airbag on the headliner.

This facility will be armed with the most popular airbag deployment solution ‘SureFire System’ from Microsys Technologies, which has over 60 installations across the globe. The first-of-its-kind testing facility in India, which is expected to be operational from December 2007, will be configured with high-speed cameras capable of capturing speeds of 4000 frames/second to capture and analyze instrument panel performance during airbag deployment. Unlike the normal 2-camera system, this system has a 3-camera system to optimize the design of the cross-car beam.

This unique feature will allow OEMs to undertake lot acceptance testing (LAT), conformance of production testing (COP), development testing, and DV/PV testing thereby ensuring a high level of integration and productivity for better design and quality products. The SureFire Data Acquisition System also facilitates measurement of forces generated by the airbag that can be correlated with the high-speed video using the Microsys PowerPlay analysis software.

Speaking on the initiative, Manoj Kolhatkar, CEO, Tata AutoComp Systems Limited (IPD), said, “As a prominent player in the components industry, Tata Autocomp has always strived to deliver world-class products and services and set industry benchmarks. Our partnering Microsys Technologies culminated from the value proposition that they have to offer, which is the synergy of world-renowned airbag expertise and product features. Their solutions will allow us to launch our new facility within the targeted timeframe.”

Currently, there is no airbag testing facility in India. This initiative of Tata Autocomp will facilitate manufactures with world-class standard services in the area of airbag testing at affordable costs.

Speaking on the occasion, Corey Miller, president, Microsys Technologies, said, “Once completed in late 2007, the new facility housed at Tata AutoComp Systems, Pune, will be among the most modern in the world. I want to congratulate them for taking a leadership role within the Indian automotive components and systems industry.”

Airbags are most commonly used for cushioning, in particular for rapid inflation in the case of an automobile collision. They supplement the safety belt by reducing the chances of occupant’s head and upper body from colliding with some part of the vehicle’s interior. They also help reduce the risk of serious injury by distributing crash forces more evenly across the occupant’s body.