Tata AutoComp powers the Tata World Truck

//Tata AutoComp powers the Tata World Truck

Tata AutoComp powers the Tata World Truck

2018-08-16T06:44:52+05:30 May 29th, 2009|Media|

Tata AutoComp Systems Limited (Tata AutoComp), a leading automotive component conglomerate, today announced significant contribution of the company in the engineering, design and supplying of components to the Tata World Truck.

Tata AutoComp has contributed the following components:

Company/ Joint Venture


Tata AutoComp Systems Limited – Interiors & Plastics Division Various functional and aesthetic components for interiors and exteriors.

  • Exterior: Aero corner, various grills, bumper add-on, fog lamp bezel and body mounted steps.
  • Interiors: Cockpit (front console), air vents, glove boxes and ashtrays.
ISRI-TJC (a JV of Tata Johnson Controls and ISRI) Seating systems which include mechanical and pneumatic suspended driver and co-driver seats, sleeper berths for cabin
Knorr-Bremse Systems for Commercial Vehicles India Private Limited Air braking systems for truck and trailer which include air processing unit, integrated pedal unit, foundation brakes and actuators, pneumatic and electronic brake control and chassis management systems, trailer braking system and braking system for 3 axle semi-trailer
Tata Yazaki Autocomp Limited Entire wiring harness, fuse relay box and bulk head for interconnection connectors between front and dash wiring harness
Tata Visteon Automotive Limited Head lamp cluster (which includes position (parking) lamp, turn indicator, PES lamp for low beam and high beam lamp) and fog lamp
TACO Hendrickson Suspensions Limited Tandem bogie suspension system
Automotive Composite Systems (Intl) Limited Central and side wiper covers, central flaps, bumper, fender assembly (front and rear) and add-on door trims (inner and outer) made from sheet moulded composites
Tata Ficosa Automotive Limited Outer rear view mirrors
Tata Toyo Radiator Limited Radiator and inter cooler

The challenge faced by Tata AutoComp was to design and develop state-of-the-art components while keeping Indian operating conditions of overloading, rough roads and extreme weather conditions in mind. It is for the first time that driver, co-driver and occupant safety and comfort was given importance in the heavy vehicle segment. Emphasis has been laid on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, smoother ride, high power, ease of handling, comfort and safety of driver and co-driver. The design and engineering teams at Tata AutoComp worked closely with the development team at Tata Motors to deliver a superior product.

Details of various components

Cabin exterior and interior: This is the first time that a Heavy Commercial Vehicle in India is designed with a driver cabin made of light materials like Plastics and Composites. Tata AutoComp Systems Limited – Interiors and Plastics Division and Automotive Composite Systems (Intl) Limited have contributed major components in plastic and composites which go into building the cabin. In fact, the Interiors & Plastics Division of Tata AutoComp has been involved as an EIS (early supplier involvement) in this project from the styling surface in Italy. This has resulted in overall reduction of the weight of the cabin (as compared to traditional sheet metal), leading to enhanced styling and durability.

Seating systems: The seating system is specially developed to ensure total driver comfort and safety. ISRI-TJC (a joint venture between Tata Johnson Controls Automotive Limited and Isringhausen GmbH) first did a benchmarking of all global truck seating systems. The seats were designed and developed in Germany meeting Indian and Global standards. The designs also took into account Indian road conditions. This is the first time that a seat with integrated seat belt meeting AIS & ECE regulations is introduced. The driver seat is fitted with world class mechanical or pneumatic suspension mechanisms that allow vertical height adjustment, fore and aft movement, tilt mechanism for cushion, adjustable lower and upper lumber supports and high density foam and bolsters for additional comfort. The seats are also fitted with a heater option to provide comfort in extreme cold conditions.

Braking system: The air braking system developed by Knorr-Bremse is designed with a braking system pressure of 10 bar against 8.1 bar currently offered on similar vehicle platforms for better braking performance. An advanced air processing unit replaces the traditional air dryer to ensure better air management as it is a combination of air dryer, oil separator and has a multi circuit protection valve thus offering higher reliability and service life. To offer modularisation and better space management, an integrated pedal unit has been developed foot brake valve, clutch master cylinder, switches and pedals. The hand brake valve has been designed with a trailer check function. Over and above, a state-of-the-art trailer braking system with ABS has also been developed. Currently trailer performance is not governed under Indian regulations thus trailer manufacturing is largely an unorganised industry. Introduction of this advanced trailer braking system will vastly enhance dynamic behaviour and road safety of tractor / truck & trailer combinations in the World Truck.

Wiring harness: For the first time; a new fuse and relay box based on bus bar with F-F terminal will be introduced in a commercial vehicle. This has helped reduce 75 circuits. A special bulk head has also been designed for as an interconnector between the front and dash wiring harness. This will help in trouble shooting, enhance serviceability and ensure ease of fitment on the vehicle. The routing of the entire harness on the vehicle has been developed with 60 different clamping options.

Headlamp and fog lamp: Another first of its kind in Indian commercial vehicles where the Head lamp designed by Tata Visteon Automotive Limited comes with poly ellipsoidal system (PES) lamp. This offers excellent light spread and sharp beam cut-off to ensure no glare for the on-coming driver. The high beam is designed to give one of the highest light output of over 100 lux for clear nighttime visibility. The compact lamp aesthetically blends well with the overall exterior design of the vehicle while meeting global standards of light output. The specially designed fog lamp provides additional visibility in challenging weather conditions.

Suspension systems: The tandem bogies suspension systems indigenously designed by TACO Hendrickson Suspension Limited take into account all Indian operating parameters like road conditions, overloading and ease of serviceability to ensure better ride handling and control. The suspension systems have been designed to perform up to 15 to 25% overloading consideration. This world class technology has been made cost effective with 100 per cent localisation of components. The range includes suspension products for all kinds of heavy vehicles under this programme from rigid truck to high end tippers. The 48 ton inverter bogie suspension developed for the tipper is the first of its kind being introduced. Over and above, all the bogies suspensions use rubber bolster to offer better shock absorption.

Outer rear view mirror: The mirror cluster developed by Tata Ficosa Automotive Limited incorporates special mirrors that offer clear visibility of all the sides of the vehicle as well as wide range rear approaching vehicles. This will ensure good visibility of the vehicle’s immediate environs to the driver for better safety.

Radiators and Inter Coolers: Tata Toyo Radiator Limited has developed an aluminium radiator and inter cooler optimised for cooling and fuel efficiency. For the first time a lower thickness core for radiator was used resulting in lower weight and less requirement of coolant.
The challenges faced by engineers at Tata AutoComp were to meet benchmark global standards yet ensure cost-effective, superior performance in challenging Indian conditions.