• Automotive Stampings and Assemblies Ltd. has extensive manufacturing capability to meet the present and future demands of a large segment of the automotive & Non automotive industry.
  • The company has four large-sized manufacturing plants in Western India & Northen India with a total capability to supply nearly 30,000 tones of components and assemblies a year with a product range from 0.10Kg to 35Kg & draw depth components upto 280mm
  • With a range of presses – hydraulic and mechanical, single acting and double action – and other required equipment of international standard, the plants have complete capabilities for making complex sheet metal components of different sizes.
  • Product supply conditions: Powder coated or Painted, Natural Finish Conditions & Autophoretic Coating.
  • The plant manages just in time/ Just in sequence supplies & has the capability of direct supply to line operations.

The Facility Includes Below Equipments

  • Stamping Presses
  • Welding
  • Robotic Welding’s
  • Seam Welding
  • Tool Maintenance
  • Powder coating
  • Autophoretic Coating
  • Modular assembly line
  • Milipore Testing
  • Leak Testing
  • CMM