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Electrical Distribution Systems

The number of Electrical systems in any Automotive & Off highway vehicles is more complex due to large number of components and requires system integration knowledge. In addition, the weight of the components and harnesses needs to be tracked and optimized in order to keep the cost of harnesses under control. With years of experience TTC provides end to end solution for wiring harness design and development.

TTC has excellent knowhow in benchmarking of wiring harness for localisation purpose, cost reduction purpose and creating best value proposition for the wiring harness system.

  • Study and analysis of Power and grounding strategies
  • Systems functional behaviour study in different power modes
  • Visibility and reachability of the wiring harness components
  • Study and analysis of connectors, splices, fuse boxes, ECU’s, wires etc..
  • Study of packaging – space optimization

TTC has excellent knowhow in RFQ support & BOM creation of wiring harness for quote purpose.

  • MBOM,EBOM generation
  • 2D wiring harness drawing, Manufacturing drawing
  • Component breakdown & Validation

We also supportcustomers on Design Validation Planning from design phase to SOP of product

  • Component level review : Circuit Simulation
  • 3D Routing and packaging : DMU review
  • 3D Routing & Packaging : VLO (Vehicle layout) Review
  • Vehicle level : Fitment Trials ,Supplier Quality Audit

TTC has excellent knowhow in handling Engineering Change Management activity for wiring harness design & development activity.

  • Routing design changes
  • Circuit design changes
  • 2D drawing design changes
  • Analysis of Engineering change request

We do routing & packaging designof wiring harness to meet functional requirements of wiring harness against Standards and best practices like DFA, DFM, DFC, DFS
optimisation reduces the cost of wiring harness by optimising routing & reduction in cable length.

  • Component 3D cad modelling with Electrical qualification
  • Routing & Packaging
  • DMU review
  • 3D wiring harness flattening & Form board drawing creation
  • Fitment drawing creation

We have thorough knowledge in circuit/schematic design and simulation of wiring harness to meet functional requirements of wiring harness like proper and continuous supply from Battery to required load (for e.g lighting system, wiper system, power windows etc..)
We have acquired knowledge to optimise the cost of wiring harness by reducing weight of copper. We use different simulation tools to optimise wire sizes and also thro’ packaging we have reduced the length of wires.

  • Collection of Device Transmittal Information
  • Power Distribution & Fusing strategy
  • Grounding Strategy
  • Fuse & relay, Wire Spec selection
  • Circuit/Schematic Designs for Entire Vehicle all Subsystem
  • Simulation and Design verification of all circuits

We support customers on development phase like prototype manufacturing, assembly and testing phase

  • Proto fitment drawing creation
  • Prototype manufacturing support
  • Testing support – Sub system level, at system level

Suppliers are accessed to make sure their Systems, Processes and equipment’s are capable of delivering OEM desired Quality Standards.
We also support OEM’s and Tier’s for field failure analysis to identify root cause of failure.

Industrial Automation

TTC aims to support customers to take advantage of latest & fastest innovative world leading technologies, diverse levels of customization, flexibility of manufacturing, and global technical & logistical support.With excellent knowledge and core competencies in a broad range of automation expertise, TTC introduces itself as a trustworthy company offering a wide range of superior process control and industrial automation services.

Services Offered :

We use industry standard tools such as ePLAN, AutoCAD for design and development of engineering drawings according to customer’s requirement & specifications.
Following IEEE standards we use different methods of drawing creation such as:

  • Schematic based
  • Object based
  • Part list based
  • Mounting panel based


  • ePLAN Electric P8 offers variant technology, diverse interfaces and extensive automation options providing perfect integration and effective workflow.
  • Time-consuming product development steps, like device tagging, wire numbering, and machine design standardization, including archiving and re-using recurrent content, have been simplified and accelerated

We follow industry standards for panel design.

We design the following types:

  • Standard Control Automation Panel with PLC and HMI
  • Compartmentalized and Non Compartmentalized MCC Panels
  • Remote IO Panels
  • Drive Panels – AC and DC
  • Control Desk Panels with HMI
  • Panels with standard networking technologies of Profibus, Fieldbus, Ethernet, Modbus etc. on Electrical, Wireless and Optical transmission
  • Panels with special requirements such as with higher IP, Flame proof and higher vibration
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Panels
  • Redundant Control Automation Panels
  • Failsafe Panels
  • PC based Automation Panels

We have intensive experience in PLC, SCADA, HMI software along with required hardware configuration, communication protocols, external interface, signal conditioning, fail safe logic etc. We have developed and deployed software solutions for

  • Medium to High end PLCs
  • HMI and SCADA
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Redundant and High availability systems
  • Failsafe configurations
  • Various communication protocols such as Profibus, Modbus and Canbus etc. on various mediums such as Serial, Ethernet and Fiber Optic etc.
  • Database handling and reporting
  • Migration to latest platforms

We follow SQA methodology and steps for developing software such as:

  • Software requirement Specifications
  • Software Design Specifications
  • Unit Testing
  • Integrated testing
  • Factory Acceptance Test

Expertise in :

PLC Systems

  • Siemens – PCS 7, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, Fail safe ET200S, ET200Pro
  • Rockwell Automation RS Logix – 5/500/5000
  • Honeywell – C300/C200,ML200
  • Mitsubishi – FX Series, Q Series, A Series
  • Omron – CJ Series, CS Series, CP Series, NJ Series,
  • GE – series 90-30, Series 90-70, Versamax
  • Delta – DVP Series

CNC Systems and Motion

  • Siemens – 802c, 802d Baseline, 802d, 802d sl, 810d, 840d, 840d sl …
  • Fanuc – oi MC, oi TC, oi MD, oi TD, oi Mate MD, oi Mate TD, Power Mate, 30i/31i series ….
  • Mitsubishi – E70, M70 series
  • Robotics – Fanuc, Mitsubishi, ABB, Kuka, Motoman

SCADA and HMI Systems

  • Siemens – Simatic panels Series 70,170 & 270, WinCC, WinCC – Flexible
  • Mitsubishi – GOT 1000, 2000 Series
  • Rockwell – RS View
  • Omron – NSJ 5, NSJ8,NSJ 10 & NSJ12 and NS Series
  • Schneider – Magelis Series
  • Delta – DOP Series

Field Instruments: Pneumatic, Electronic & Smart Instruments, Control Valves, Shutdown Valves, Safety Relief Valves, and Pressure reducing stations

  • Datasheets/Specification and Selection of Instruments, Installation help, Supervision & Commissioning
  • System Design & Detail Engineering
  • I/O Testing, Loop & Hook Up Drawings, Cable/JB Schedules
  • Bus technologies like Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, HART Communication Protocol

Solutions :

  • Electrical Control Panel
  • Software Development
  • Consulting
  • Master Planning
  • Preliminary & Detailed Engineering
  • Manufacturing Guidance
  • Procurement help
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning
  • Qualification
  • Validation
  • Maintenance support & trainin
  • Pneumatic
  • Electronic & Smart Instruments
  • Control Valves
  • Shutdown & Safety Relief Valves
  • Electrical Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Detailed Engineering Drawing
  • Datasheet/Specifications
  • Equipment Sizing & Selection
  • SLD,Tray Layouts & Cable/Junction Box Schedules
  • Power & Control Cable Layout & Isolation
  • Complete Panel Layout & Structure
  • Earthing Layout
  • Equipment Layout
  • Panel Engineering
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Machine Electrical & Electronics
  • Machine Software Development