Nox Reduction Technology

  • Katcon´s NOx Reduction expertise is based on a full understanding of the complete system.
  • Provide Customers tailored applications and hands-on technical support.
  • Engine and system calibration support.
  • Software, algorithms and application development.
  • Prototyping, testing and certification.


  • Light & Heavy duty vehicles
  • On and Off Road applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Emerging market
  • OEM & Retrofit

Particulate Filter Active Regeneration Solution

  • Active regeneration by Fuel injection
  • Performance up to 90% PM reduction


  • Light & Heavy duty vehicles
  • Off Road : Construction equipments, marine, train
  • Industrial application
  • OEM and Retrofit

Heat Recovery

  • Exhaust heat recovery could further be used on today hybrid engines to further increase its overall efficiency.
  • Energy components carried away by the exhaust, are primarily:
    • Results of incomplete combustion
    • Incomplete expansion
    • Sensible heat
    • Latent heat of the water vapor created by burning of the hydrogen component of fuel.
  • Management of heat recovery energy and power, could reach the 25% range in steady driving and much more in city driving (available energy increasing with decreased engine efficiency).
  • Wasted energy goes out into the atmosphere through the exhaust gasses and the air of the cooling system.
  • Heat energy can be recovered and converted into useful mechanical energy to help propel the vehicle.
  • A heat engine is required to convert the recovered heat energy into mechanical energy.
  • Heat engines generally require compression and expansion of a working fluid.


  • Gasoline and Diesel engines
  • Light duty vehicles and trucks