TATA Autocomp Systems is committed to the development of communities in which it operates. It has identified communities in near vicinity of its area of operations and executes long term development projects mostly in areas of education, health, child development, skill building, and environment conservation. It has regularly participated during natural disaster relief. Employees contribute their time for executing CSR projects.

Natural Disasters and water conservation

Tata AutoComp Systems has responded to natural disasters on different occasions as the Uttarakhand floods, Kashmir floods and the Tsunami that hit Tamil Nadu. The response has been through deployment of manpower for relief work and also contributions to buy essential commodities. It has trained select employees to manage disaster relief.

Tata AutoComp Systems has also responded to drought mitigation work in Osmanabad district of Marthwada (Maharashtra). This area faces repeated droughts due to its geographical location. Until last decade every third year was drought like and every fifth was severest. There is a vicious cycle of over exploitation of ground water resources, degradation of soil and loss of vegetation. Streams flowing though villages have long since dried up.

Long term project is under implementation to control soil and water erosion and to increase productivity by Nallah (doh) Deepening, well recharging and repairs and capacity building. To make the project inclusive the local community has been involved which has also resulted into increase in work for landless cultivators.
The efforts have also resulted to increase in kharif crop area and increase in productivity.

Tata AutoComp Systems is associated with Kashig village situated in Mulshi fort for its overall development in partnership with Rotary club.
A project of creating water reservoir to address the water needs of the village was completed. Previously water used to be pumped through electric motors from the foothill to the water tanks in the village.

The purpose of the project is to create more reliable fresh water source up the hill and to reduce the consumption of electricity by avoiding pumping water from the foothill.

Skill development

Tata AutoComp Systems is committed to skill building of youth to provide them with a better future. We have tied up with TATA Strive and also partner with ITI Kadegaon in Maharashtra and ITI Maninagar in Gujrat under the (PPP ) Scheme.

Affirmative Action

TATA Autocomp Systems provides scholarship to students from under privileged section of the society for pursuing Higher education in the field of engineering and medicine. These students are selected on basis of merit.

Along with CII, the company managers have been able to enhance the employability of last semester students from engineering colleges.
Tata AutoComp Systems has also built a school at Chakan (Pune) which is dedicated to children from under privileged sections of the society.

Education for Children

Children are considered to be an integral stake holder in the society. They will grow to be the future of our country. The company supports about 700 children each month through various measures as food, shelter, schooling , sports activity etc. The same is administered through volunteering activities by employees and their families. Regular health check-up camp is conducted on a periodic basis in orphanages supported by the group. In addition to this teachers are trained on capability improvement programs. For a holistic development eligible children are supported through the skill development centres run by TATA Strive.
Recently the company built 3 primary schools and one Anganwadi in Pune district

Medical Camp for Motor Mechanics

As a part of Social responsibility the company conducts Health check- up camps for Motor Mechanics. Mechanics are connected to the auto trade .Hence the company considers it as a moral obligation to look after their well-being. There is a high rate of tobacco consumption by this community which poses a health hazard. Periodic check-up of their health parameters including weight /obesity/blood pressure/heamogram with medical counselling is provided to them. The counselling by a doctor has made them reduce tobacco intake. They wash hands before eating which impacts their health in a positive way. These camps are held in different parts of the country.

Cancer Care for women and Children

Tata AutoComp Systems is committed to cancer care since 2012 First the company contributed towards the building of TATA Cancer Hospital at Kolkata. The employees came forward and volunteered during the formation stage and contributed part of their salary towards this hospital.

TATA AutoComp Systems has participated with Tata Medical Center at Kolkata, St Jude at Mumbai for children affected by cancer. It is also setting up a 40 bedded day care centre for cancer patients at Jamshedpur.