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Incorporated in 1995, Tata AutoComp Systems offers cutting edge technology to Global Auto Industry. Over past two decades it has expended its footprint and transformed itself into a Global Auto Component Conglomerate with 45 Plants across 7 countries. Tata AutoComp Systems has maintained a high standard of Business Excellence and Ethics.

With a strong foundation and legacy of TATA Group – TATA AutoComp Systems has ethical business practices across all its function based on following Core Values.

  • Integrity
  • Pioneering
  • Excellence
  • Unity
  • Responsibility

Customer Connect , Innovation and Total Quality are the Mantra of TATA AutoComp Systems.

Tata AutoComp Systems has employee friendly People Practices and promotes a culture that fosters Innovation. TATA AutoComp Systems has been awarded the Best Employer Award by AON Hewitt and has got high employee engagement score. Employees are exposed to various challenging roles and opportunities within the organization. Tata AutoComp Systems has a practice of rewarding good performers which is resulting in high performance culture.

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Job Disclaimer And Notification

Notice To The Public – Possible Recruitment Fraud Notice

Please be aware that there have been recent incidents whereby some organizations/individuals, claiming to act on behalf of Tata AutoComp Systems, have contacted people/students and made false offers/promises of employment with Tata AutoComp Systems.

The modus operandi of these people involves calling up potential job seekers and assuring them that they have been found suitable for a position as an employee/ trainee, promising them jobs, training or academic projects, and soliciting the transfer of money to certain accounts against ‘fees’ such as placement fee, application fee, caution deposit, uniform fee etc.

Please note that Tata AutoComp Systems (including any firms that recruit on its behalf) do not, under any circumstances, require money or payment from applicants at any point in the recruitment process. Please also note that any communications demanding payment that appear to originate from Tata AutoComp Systems are fraudulent in nature. They do not originate from Tata AutoComp Systems, and are not associated with our recruitment process.

All individuals who are successful in gaining an offer of employment or students selected for internship or training with Tata AutoComp Systems, whether directly or indirectly, are always required to go through a formal selection process.

It has been observed that such fraudulent communications originate from fictitious and misleading e-mail addresses, that the use of English is poor and that, at some stage, payment is requested. We recommend that you do not respond to such unsolicited propositions and/or offers from people with whom you are unfamiliar. Do not make any sort of payment. If you do receive such proposals, we advise you to contact the local police and provide them with any and all information that you may have from the senders, such as email addresses, phone/fax details, etc.

Please note that Tata AutoComp Systems  will not accept any liability towards the representation made in any fraudulent communication or its consequences and such fraudulent communication shall not be treated as any kind of offer or representation by Tata AutoComp Systems.