Established in the year 2014; TACO Air International Thermal Systems is 50:50 JV between Air International Thermal Systems and Tata Toyo Radiator. TACO Air International Thermal Systems has expertise in designing and manufacturing of HVAC system for Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicles. TACO Air International Thermal Systems focuses on offering light weight, high performance solutions with strengths in vehicle integration.


One of AI-TTR’s strongest asset is their team of experienced engineers in mechanical, manufacturing, electricals and electronics backed by Air International’s Global technical expertise. The Engineers have been trained at Global R&D Centers in Shanghai and USA. Their capabilities include engineering services in design, prototyping, tool making, product validation and manufacturing. Such multidisciplinary experience handles a wide range of products which provides a competitive edge in engineering development over its competition.
The Engineering team in AI-TTR is well equipped to cater customers requirement for India as well as Global markets. A special Engineering cell is trained on Advanced Engineering and Electrical Vehicle Thermal Management Solutions. This Cell is able to offer Thermal Solutions for EV with high speed and local engineering.


  • Innovation drive across levels to provide latest technology products to OEMs
  • Air International-TTR has a conveyor based Assembly Line which is Adopted by IOT 4.0
  • Fully Automated End Of Line Tester with Noise check
  • Supported with easy access from AITS for design and manufacturing.