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Filters (Air, Oil (Lube) and Fuel)

Engineered to even filter minute particles of air taken in, ensuring sufficient air supply and
engine performance.A clean air filter also equates to better gas mileage, which means more money in
one’s pocket. The amount of money laid out to purchase a new air filter is well worth
it and pays for itself several times over in gas savings.

All air filters are made of a thin material, just like dust masks. These are typically paper or cloth,
although foam filters exist as well. Older cars that have carburetors typically take a circular air filter,
whereas fuel-injected vehicles generally
use flat rectangular air filters.

The air filter is considered part of the fuel supply system. Fuel
(either gasoline or diesel) is what a vehicle’s engine runs on, and getting the fuel from the
tank to the engine is a complex process. The fuel system consists of the gas tank, carburetor
or fuel injector, intake manifold, throttle body, as well as various pumps, filters (not just
the air filter but also the fuel filter), gaskets, and other parts. The intake of air to the engine
is mixed with the gasoline in a specific ratio to burn most efficiently.



Major Advantages are :

  • Ultimate filtration increases engine performance and engine service life.
  • Reduces downtime and operating costs.
  • High performance filtration systems play critical role in engines by increasing the operating efficiencies.
  • Nano fiber technology is applied to air filters.
  • Exclusive filter media blend of natural and synthetic fibers provide superior performance and durability in air filters.

Technical Info:

Task of the air filter :

  • To protect the engine against dirt particles in the intake of air
  • To protect the engine against wear To safeguard the air supply in the mixture generation
  • To reduce the noise level

Change the air filter regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specification!

Consequences of silted-up filter :

  • Poor air-fuel mixture generation resulting in reduced engine power and increased pollutant emissions
  • Increased fuel consumption Increased engine wear from particles
  • Problems starting your vehicle

The prerequisite for flawless operation :

  • Tight fit Leakages and porosity lead to a bypass of unfiltered air (unmetered air) in the intake duct.
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