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Awards & Recognition 2018-11-21T10:22:06+05:30

Customer Recognition FY 2017-18

Sustainability Award from Tata Motors

Tata AutoComp – Active Promotion of TBEM for crossing 500 points milestone in 2017

ASAL – “Agility” award 2017 for its exemplary performance from Tata Motors

TTR – Tata Motors CVSP awarded best supplier in the category of “Best support for NPI and VOR parts 2017-18

IPD – “Best in Class” award 2017 for demonstrating high levels of quality, delivery and efficiency consistently from Tata Motors

IPD – Toyota Zero PPM, Quality & Delivery Award

Tata AutoComp – AON  Best Employer award

Customer Recognition FY 2016-17

NTACO – The Excellent Quality Supplier award from General Motors for year 2016 performance

CD – Six Sigma Culture Deployment Award 2016 From John Deere

CD – Excellent Performance Award 2016 from L&T

TF – “Quality Performance Award “from Volkswagen India

Tata AutoComp – AON Best Employer award

Customer Recognition FY 2015-16

ASAL – The “Best Supplier – Delivery 2016 from Tata Motors

NTACO – Quality Excellence Award for year 2015 from General Motors

IPD – 0 Defect Supplies Award 2015 Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd.

TF – Best Quality Performance Award from Volkswagen

TTR – Cohesive team efforts on Value Engineering for their Project “LAKSHA”2016 from Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd

Tata AutoComp – AON Best Employer award

Customer Recognition FY 2014-15

ASAL – Quality Excellence in 2014 General Motors India

IPD – Overall Performance Best Supplier 2014 & 2015 Tata Motors

TGY – Excellence in Delivery 2014 Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd.

SCM – Regional Export Award for Supply Chain Division from Export Council of India


NTACO – Highest Quality Award from Volvo

TF – EDI Excellence Campaign Award 2014-15 from Renault – Nissan

Customer Recognition FY 2013-14

TTR – Innovendor 2013 Tata Motors

TTR – Best Supplier of 2013 Tata Motors.

TTR Special Citation 2013 Tata Motors

NTACO – Excellent Green Supplier 2013 Shanghai GM

IPD – Best Improved Quality 2013 General Motors India

ASAL – Quality Excellence in 2013 General Motors India

TGY Zero PPM Award 2013 Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd.

TF – Excellence in Delivery 2013 Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd.